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Energy to Everyone Ambit Energy California Review (Home)

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#1 Fastest-growing Private Company in America - 2010

They have been in

Success from home magazine

Including recently in November 2012

#15 Largest Direct Seller Worldwide - 2012

2009/2010 Fastest-growing Company in North Texas

Earn extra money part time,as you build a business with an Award winning Company.

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If your in the PG&E area in California ,You can start saving right away,You can now authorize Ambit to be your energy provider on you PG&E bill

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Brand new in California

This short video is the best Ambit Energy review you’ll find.

It’s only a few minutes, but it reveals key information regarding the largest ever transfer of wealth going on now in the energy industry and how Ambit Energy has become the fastest growing energy retailer in America,and now that it is in California you can expect a lot more changes to happen

Take a few minutes to watch this Ambit Energy review, and complete the contact form over on the right for more information about this lucrative financial opportunity.

  Ambit Energy is a simple business you can build from home.  

As an Ambit Energy consultant,

you’ll do 2 things:

  1. Simply gather a handful of energy customers.

    2.Then help a few other people do the same thing.

                                  That’s it!    Really!

Ask yourself, “Why is Ambit Energy such a huge success, with awards, and recognition from well-known business entities?” (For instance, see the Inc 500 “Fastest Growing Company” Award on the sidebar above).

Among other high profile business awards, Ambit Energy has attracted the attention of arguably the World’s top leadership expert; Dr. John Maxwell.  Of the 5 best-selling leadership books in the world, Dr. John Maxwell has written 3 of them!

Dr. Maxwell has been a keynote speaker at Ambit Energy events and has interviewed many of Ambit’s top income earners.

BIG POINT- Ambit Energy is the ONLY network marketing company John Maxwell has ever partnered with. Other businesses would give their right arm to get an endorsement from Dr. John Maxwell.  Ambit Energy has it!

There are a number of reasons for the success of Ambit Energy. Those reasons are also why you can be a success with your Ambit Energy business.

We are so fortunate that something as simple as helping a few people save on their energy bill can provide such a fantastic income, but that’s exactly what Ambit Energy can do for you.

When you understand the simplicity of this business, it’ll keep you awake at night. And you’ll want to share this with others who have similar ambitions. That’s a good sign.  If that describes you, please call me – don’t wait.

Three of the big reasons for the huge success of Ambit Energy

1. Everyone uses Energy

As an Ambit Energy consultant, you’ll offer energy (electricity and natural gas) at a savings. Everyone already buys what you offer! There is no need to convince people to spend MORE money on some product they don’t need. Even better, Ambit Energy provides some of the lowest energy rates available, which means your customers will pay less for their energy; i.e. they save money every month.

2. You Just Need a Handful of Customers

It’s easy to find people who want to save on their energy bill, but this business isn’t about you getting a lot of energy customers. It’s about you getting a few. In fact, you only need 18 total customers to be eligible for all the money the Ambit Energy compensation plan has to offer. (and believe me, it offers plenty!). And you can take months (or even longer) to get your customers. Go easy on yourself and get 2 or 3 energy customers a month; that’ll work just fine. Remember, energy customers spend NO money to become your customer.

3. You Just Need a Few Business Partners like yourself

Besides gathering a few energy customers, the only other thing we do in the Ambit Energy business is team up with a few like-minded individuals. Just invite a few people who would like to build a business with you; with us. Find someone like me, someone like you. There are millions of us out there right now waiting to be introduced to the right business, just like I was a few years ago. Bring them in; and lets help them build a business.

Remember, it’s that simple.  Find a few people who have a goal, a dream, a need, a desire, and help them achieve it!  You will have a very healthy, monthly recurring income, as will they!


Think about this: You can earn a huge monthly income from thousands of people paying an energy bill.Who uses energy every month?  Who uses electricity and natural gas?

ALL OF US.   And we don’t stop using it; — EVER.

We purchase it on AUTO-PILOT.

Further, energy IS the perfect product for you as a business owner because your customers don’t have to “order” more each month; they don’t have to go anywhere to “pick up” your product; and they don’t have to “authorize” the purchase every month.

We all purchase this product UNCONSCIOUSLY!

How about earning an ongoing monthly commission from thousands energy customers?Unbelievable?   It may sound like it, but IT’S POSSIBLE for you, right now.

Start YOUR business. Go to work on YOUR dream, instead of working your entire adult life for 40-60 hours a week, helping your boss fulfill HIS dream…

Are you ready to do something other than trade your precious time for a few dollars everyday?

Looking for a SOLID business option to improve your financial picture?

You just found it in Ambit Energy!

© 2012 Ambit Energy

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